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{A little food for thought - Addressing the Same-Sex Marriage debate}

For those who are unaware of news within Australia, we have been given a chance to decide whether same-sex should be legal. For me, I can't help but vote for YES, because after all, love is love. It is a union become two consenting adults, it is a promise and dream for the future. Thou there are also those whom will believe the obvious choice is NO, and that the definition of a marriage is between a man and woman.

I’m not here to argue their beliefs but I want to acknowledge what they have chosen and address their concerns. Those whom have chosen NO are as much part of the society as we are, they have the same freedom of speech and the right to choose what they believe. Whether the law will be legalised or not, they should not be discriminated for their beliefs or become an outcast of the society. 

So, I guess the question is how does equal marriage law be acknowledging both beliefs?

o I guess the question is how does equal marriage law be acknowledging both beliefs?

Hello and Goodbye

It had not been an easy decision but its time for a change.

I will treasure the experience I've had and mistakes I've made and continue to grow and learn.

I will be leaving the industry early 2018. 


Love Remy

{Ten things you did not know about me}

Ten things you did not know about me.


1.     I believe lips and eyes are most intriguing part of the human body

2.     I tend to quiver when someone kisses me on the neck

3.     I am an Aquarius baby, I am eccentric and energetic sometimes full of ideas.

4.     I am a fan of The New Yorker

5.     I am a pole dancer, no it’s not always sexy

6.     I have been practicing yoga for 8 years

7.     I have a flare for kink, yes always

8.     I have butterflies running through my stomach before each meeting

9.     Perfect date night could be lying in front of a fire place, wine, cheese lots of good laughs kisses and cuddles.

10. My first time was ...... HA.. that is a secrect :) 

{A year of refection}

When I embark the journey of becoming a private companion I had no idea what I was in for. Sure, I knew there will be clients of all ages and gender and sizes, but I did not know what it would be for me mentally.

Companionship became more than just a job, its not just an escape but also a creative outlet. For years Ive been shadowed by media and society of how I should look, I constantly criticized every part of me. From those muscly thigh to baby looks of my face, I could never accept me for me. Clients has taught me to love me for me, to be stronger, to fall but get up again. 

I'm not saying that it is always sunshine and butterflies. like any job there are good days and bad days you experience the ups and downs. I still remember one of my very first client, he asked me as he leaving the door 'Why would you give up your day job for this?' I answered without hesitance 'I enjoy it' He, smirked and replied 'honey, no one do this for pleasure'

That day I pounder on he's words, was he right? was I really doing it out of desperation? Has I really lost my way? But now a year in, I can bravely answer the questions. Yes I do do it for the pleasure.